About Us

About me

Baseball has always been a part of my life. Since the early 1990's, my love for the New York Mets has influenced where and when I go on my vacations, fun details at my wedding last year, and the baseball loving relationship I have with my brother, father, and father-in-law. It may not be the big leagues, but I still play softball every Sunday, following a high school and college baseball career. In the future, I look forward to coaching little league.

I grew up attending games sitting at Shea Stadium in the nosebleed section.To this day, I still feel that the best seats in the house are up high, right behind home plate.  From this perspective, you can not only enjoy the game itself but also the stadium the game is played in. However, I love the challenge of capturing interesting angles from various locations around each stadium as well. I feel that my panoramic photos fully capture the uniqueness and character of each stadium. 

How my hobby started

Several years ago, I used my cell phone's "panorama mode" to remember each of the stadiums that I visited around the country, but I was never satisfied with the quality. I purchased a DSLR camera and began experimenting on my own by taking multiple photos and "stitching" them together using computer software. This quickly became a hobby of mine and I spent countless hours honing my skills and solving problems such as "parallax" or the common issue where a person in the panorama may appear to have two heads or no legs if they moved while you were taking the photos. Thousands of pictures and many hours later, I feel I have perfected the art of capturing panoramic photos.  I look forward to sharing all of my panoramas with baseball and photography fans alike.